make tasty happen

make tasty happen

Tofurky ingredients are your secret weapon for recipe "wow." Excite your audience with delicious fusion dishes that inspire rave reviews. Because what’s better than delivering bliss on a plate, with a side of sustainability?

Endless veg-friendly possibilities.

Curious chefs love our plant-based proteins for their delicious and sustainable nature. We’re the #1 selling brand for most products in our retail category, with more than 35 years commitment to domestically grown, organic ingredients. All our products are vegan and non-GMO.

We’ve partnered with dot foods.

For our customers in the US, you can order our entire assortment of food service items through DOT foods distribution. Many of our products are carried by other distributors. Our sales team would be happy to review alternative distributors based on your network.

We’d love to hear from you.

A simple question answered or new product discovered will lead to more veg-friendly choices. This sustainable food movement has a vast and positive ecosystem footprint, so let’s get to chatting! If you’re in Oregon or Washington, contact us here. All other areas email us here. Thanks!