Yum For All

Since 1980, we’ve been making our dream come true: lip-smacking food that makes animals, people and the planet happy.

The Friendliest Food
on the Plate

Happiness is when the food you want to eat, the food you should eat, and the food you do eat are all the same food. Tasty, good for us, good for animals and the environment, and easy to get onto the table on a busy Tuesday night: that’s truly satisfying food. That’s the kind of food we make at Tofurky.

Primo Beans

Truly delicious, soul-satisfying food begins with the highest-quality ingredients. For us, that means organic soy products like tofu and whole soybeans, which are more tasty, wholesome, and environmentally friendly than industrially produced, hexane-extracted soy isolates, powders and concentrates. We source all our soybeans from organic, non-GMO growers in the USA, and everything is checked by a third-party inspector to ensure that our raw soy is native and 100% GMO-free.

Good Neighbors

There’s a lot of Oregon in the food we make. We source local and organic ingredients from our Pacific Northwest neighbors, including Bob’s Red Mill for flours and grains and Full Sail Brewing for the suds in our famous Beer Brats.

GMO? No!

Everyone deserves to know what’s in their food. We only use non-GMO ingredients, period. It’s an issue close to our hearts, and we donate and campaign in favor of GMO labeling.

Aprons, Not Lab Coats

If you saw our Research and Development lab, you’d say, “That’s just a kitchen.” Because it is. We stock our 100% vegan kitchen with tofu, tempeh and seitan, traditional foods enjoyed worldwide for centuries. Then we mix, blend and season them into utter deliciousness, creating new flavors by experimenting with what tastes best to us. It’s an art, not a science.

  • How It’s Cooked

    We make our foods the same way you do at home: by mixing, blending, kneading, steaming, smoking and fermenting. We started out making all our foods in a regular home kitchen, and though the volume has changed, the process stays the same.

  • Where It’s Made

    Tofurky’s production floor has high standards for purity, hygiene and safety. We want our employees to have a safe place to work, and the food we make to be just as tasty in volume as it was in the first batch.

  • What We’re Not

    Here’s a list of stuff you’ll never, ever find in in Tofurky foods: GMOs, hexane-extracted soy products, soy protein isolates, nitrates, artificial colors or flavors, high-fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated anything.

A Better World

Doing good requires more than intention and an appetite for great food. Sustainable solutions are being built everyday. See how you can help us make a difference.

Our Roots

Seth Tibbott founded Tofurky on $2,500. To save money, he built and lived in a tree house for the next 7 years. Get the full story here.