Yum For All

Since 1980, we’ve been making our dream come true: lip-smacking food that makes animals, people and the planet happy.

Find Happiness.

Happiness is when the food you want to eat, the food you should eat, and the food you do eat are all the same food. Tasty, good for us, good for animals and the environment, and easy to get onto the table on a busy Tuesday night: that’s truly satisfying food. That’s the kind of food we make at Tofurky.

Good neighbors.

There’s a lot of Oregon in the food we make. We source local and organic ingredients from our Pacific Northwest neighbors, including Bob’s Red Mill for flours and grains and Hopworks Urban Brewery for the suds in our holiday Ham Roast.

True to our roots.

In 1980, after making from-scratch tempeh to share with friends and family, 30-year-old teacher/naturalist/hippie Seth Tibbot founded Tofurky on $2,500. To save money, he built and lived in a tree house for the next 7 years. Seriously.

Our Culture
Our Culture