true to our roots

Starting out small in the tempeh biz, today Tofurky is leading the charge on animal-friendly eating through a mission of yumminess. Our family company is still sure of one thing: that people, animals and the environment matter more than profit margins.

our story is simple

In 1980, after making from-scratch tempeh to share with friends and family, 30-year-old teacher/naturalist/hippie Seth Tibbott opens his own company in Forest Grove, Oregon. He expands operations to a vacant elementary school in 1983 -- and decades ahead of the tiny house trend, he builds a 300-square-foot treehouse to call home. Fast forward to 1995, Tofurky debuts the very first Holiday Roast. It strikes a cultural chord with a nation hungry for a tastier meat-free Thanksgiving. 2000 and beyond welcomes even more deliciousness, with the addition of deli slices and sausage and frozen items. Today our growth plans include new products, but also new countries. We're so inspired by a world that is waking up to the benefits of veg cuisine.

Today's Tofurky

These days, more and more people care about what goes into making their food. That means we’re busy keeping up with all the BBQs and bagged lunches clamoring for our dogs and slices, making us the best-selling meat-free brand in the world. To keep up with demand, we expanded in 2016, opening a LEED Platinum-certified facility to tread as lightly on the planet as possible. Our hope for the future: that all kinds of eaters from every walk of life will see for themselves how yummy, easy and truly satisfying animal-friendly eating can be.

Still a Family Business

We don’t stress about pleasing our shareholders – because we don’t have any. Family-owned for over 35 years, Tofurky has always focused on purpose over profits. Seth’s stepson Jaime Athos, CEO, is now leading us into the next millennium of animal-friendly food that’s 100% tasty.

A Better World

Doing good requires more than intention and an appetite for great food. Sustainable solutions are being built everyday. See how you can help us make a difference.

yum for all

Since 1980, we’ve been making our dream come true: lip-smacking food that makes animals, people and the planet happy. See why our food tastes SO good.