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Double Patty Diner Burger

Sometimes we crave kale, sometimes we crave chocolate, and sometimes we crave that classic burger you get at the local greasy spoon divey diner. This burger smashes that craving to pieces.

Hangover Breakfast Burger

This will not only cure the morning after blues, but will make you want to do it all over so you can eat this sandwich again.

Southwest Burger

This burger should be served with a cactus emoji! We serve it with a heaping side of tortilla chips instead.

Stuffed Tempeh Burgers

Normally you just put the cheese on top of the burger, but we’re always trying to push the envelope. We mix vegan cheese with briny olives and tangy pickled peppers and stuff the mixture inside the burger like the rebels we are. Use any of your favorite flavorings in the stuffing mixture: fresh herbs, chopped pickles, and spices would all be perfect additions.