Mango Chipotle Sausage and Pineapple Skewers

Summer is coming, friends. It might seem far away, but it’s time to start those grilling plans because NO ONE wants to be eating plain veggie dogs and burgers with, like, ketchup or mustard or whatever, once the sun comes out. You and your loved ones deserve MORE. Picture this instead- our Tofurky Mango Chipotle Sausages, skewered with chunks of juicy pineapple, savory crimini mushrooms, and sweet red onion, all bathed in teriyaki sauce and kissed with flame. YES, THIS IS BETTER. You’re the new King/Queen/Regent of the Grill! We hope you’ll rule with grace and compassion. Want more deets? Find them through the link in bio! Makes 2 servings (4 skewers)

what you’ll need:

4 wood or metal skewers (if wood, soak in water for 15 minutes ahead)
1 package Tofurky Mango Chipotle Sausage, each cut into 4 chunks
16 pineapple chunks, fresh or canned
16 crimini mushrooms, ends trimmed
2 small red onions, each cut into 8 chunks
4 teaspoons preferred vegetable oil
½ teaspoon sea salt
½ teaspoon black pepper
½ cup teriyaki sauce, plus more for serving
Sesame seeds

how to make:

  1. Fire up the grill or preheat oven to 400˚F.
  2. On each skewer, add 4 of each ingredient in rotating order: sausage, pineapple,
    mushroom, onion. Repeat with remaining 3 skewers.
  3. Brush each skewer with a teaspoon of oil, and sprinkle salt and pepper evenly over top.
  4. Grill or roast skewers, rotating and basting with teriyaki sauce every 5 minutes, until
    tender and caramelized, about 15 minutes.
  5. To serve, drizzle with extra teriyaki sauce and a hefty sprinkle of sesame seeds.