Our commitments
During coronavirus

As the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) dominates the headlines, we want you to know that we’re rallying every resource available to us to protect our employees as we continue to feed our Nation. This means everything from directing our legislators toward comprehensive employee safety packages, to re-organizing our production floors for safe working distances and daily clear communication regarding our appreciation and respect for our staff. We’ll continue to dynamically advocate for our essential workforce, so they feel safe at work, as we rise to meet their individual needs. As a food manufacturer and “essential business” our intention is to continue operating during Oregon’s “stay at home” order. We feel a dual obligation to keep store shelves stocked and protect our important staff members.   The FDA, WHO, and CDC have confirmed that coronavirus does not pose any additional food safety risks to consumers. Our internal food safety systems continue to operate unaffected, and our commitment to the safety and quality of our products is unflagging. At this time, we will continue to operate at our maximum possible production capacity and strive to remain productive and communicative throughout the duration of this outbreak.