To beat climate change, we gotta think big.

Plant-based? Yes. Burgers? Still yes.

Look, we’re in love with burgers. Like, soul mates. It’s the real thing. It’s an LTR. It’s not gonna end just because we realized plant-based is the future of food. So burgers agreed to change for us — that way, we can still be together. Making necessary changes to prioritize the relationship? That’s real love.

Plant-based burger

Can a burger this tasty really fight climate change?

Sounds weird, but bear with us for a second. What if we told you that raising livestock accounts for an estimated 15% of global emissions? That’s as much as all forms of transportation on Earth: cars, boats, planes and trains combined. And the majority of those emissions come directly from cows. Americans eat 50 billion hamburgers a year. Right now only 1% are plant-based.

Our question is: how much can we pump up that percentage? And how much better would it be for the future of our climate if more of those burgers were plant-based?

And herein lies the power of the burger.

Its downright deliciousness inspires acts that go beyond the plate. Fixing our climate issues will take both tasty plant-based burgers and policy-level change. The kind of change that only a big, diverse group of friends can make happen. Everyone - from vegans to vegetarians to meat-lovers to people who just order whatever looks good on the menu - can join the movement to save the climate.

Because the truth is this: we don’t have all century to work on this problem. The best time to take action on climate change was 30 years ago. The second best time is today.

Want to take action on climate change, today?

Use your voice.

Are you American? (So are we 👋) The most important thing you can do to fight climate change is VOTE.

Are you registered to vote?

Take the pledge to be an environmental voter.

Talk to your reps.

After you vote, make sure your elected officials are working on behalf of the climate. Call your reps at: (202) 224-3121 to talk climate change action.

Not into phone calls? We feel that. Text RESIST to 50409 to contact your reps (thanks Resistbot!).

Would you rather write an email?

What should you say to your reps once you’ve got their attention?

Here’s a Few Ideas
Here’s a Few Ideas

Learn, support, organize.

What do you know about the Green New Deal? Read up on this historic resolution and what makes it so important.

Black Lives Matter and the climate movement are both bringing people together to fight for a better future (yes!). Learn about the connection between climate action and racial justice, and being an ally to both movements.

There are so many smart, hardworking people out there stepping up to the challenges of climate change. Make friends with some of them:


Also, this burger is absofreakinglutely delicious.

We get it. You’re not gonna eat it if you don't love it. (Neither would we.) That's why we made a burger that’s everything a burger should be: a tender, juicy kapow! of savory goodness. Every awesome patty made of plants instead of cows brings us that much closer to a thriving future full of happy people with mustard on their chins.

Try it!
Try it!