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Campfire Nachos With Chorizo

Win campground MVP with these supremely satisfying nachos. Load them up with spicy, savory vegan chorizo, cheese and fire-roasted corn. Lick your fingers, lick the plate – just don’t lick the pan!

5 Ways To Transform Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Surprise your vegan valentine! At the heart of things, the vegan lifestyle is all about love—love for animals, love for your body, and love for the planet. Honor all those things this Valentine’s Day with a sweet treat that you can enjoy (and feel good about!) whether you’re flying solo, having a romantic dinner for…

Avocado Mango Burger

Each bite is bursting with tropical flavors that will instantly transport you from home to an island in the sun.

Shepherd’s Pie

This hearty shepherd’s pie perfectly straddles the line between winter and spring with its herbed potato crust and green pea-studded filling.

Sweet & Sour Tempeh Jerky

Store-bought vegan jerky can hurt your wallet. Good thing it’s easy to DIY using ingredients you probably have on hand!

Thai Chick’n Garden Rolls

These fresh garden rolls will rival the ones from your favorite Thai restaurant.

Hummus and Veggie-Stuffed Pitas

These flavorful, veggie-packed pitas are a snap to assemble and sturdy enough for the lunchbox.