Dirty by Design

30-40% of our food grown in North America is wasted. Yep, it goes un-used, then often gets trapped in landfills. We're tackling this problem head-on.

Food Waste doesn't have to be a dirty word.

We compost 2750 lbs. of food scrap each week, which becomes orchard soil. (It might seem like a lot, but it’s really just 1% of the food we make.) The USDA + EPA have called for a 50% reduction in all food waste by 2030. Let's get there, together.

Aerobic Composting Wins Big

We keep about 142,956 lbs. of food waste out of landfills each year by partnering with an industrial composter, Dirt Hugger. They accelerate the waste's natural, aerobic decay with heat, air and moisture - producing beautiful soil. In a landfill, the same food might emit 271,617 lbs. of methane - the equivalent of 7.3 MILLION miles driven.

visit dirt hugger
visit dirt hugger

Let's nurture our nature.

A healthy tree produces 500 - 600 pounds of fruit per season. We have to replace the nutrients the tree removes from the soil. Returning bio diverse nutrients to the soil helps with moisture retention, tree growth and prevents erosion. Healthy trees are more immune to disease and damage from pests.

You can make a difference in your own kitchen.

Food waste. It’s a trending conversation around the world as supermarkets provide aisles and piles of perfectly uniform produce. But what happens to all those two-legged carrots, heart-shaped eggplants and extra curvy tomatoes? Sadly, around 33% of all food produced around the world goes to waste due to perceived consumer demand for perfect produce.

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