RETHINK FOOD, Amy-Lee Goodman

Addressing issues like  heart disease, brain health, obesity, anti-aging and much more,   RETHINK FOOD is the book everyone should have on their coffee tables (and have extra copies to gift our family and friends!).  Talking Tofurky is so pleased to speak with Amy-Lee Goodman, one of the co-authors and researchers of this ground breaking book. At the end of the post we will be giving away two copies of RETHINK FOOD, so read on through! What a wide network of doctors, athletes and nutrition experts you tapped into. How did you  find all the doctors and nutrition experts?
Amy-Lee: We found the doctors, nutritionists and athletes through basic research. We had a huge spreadsheet of thousand of doctors from around the world and we interviewed most of them and chose which ones to include in the book. We had read many of their books and used our own connections at organizations such as PCRM to get in contact with them.
What does Rethink Food mean?
Amy-Lee: Rethink Food is about redefining the relationship between nutrition and our approach and treatment of disease. Rethink Food aims to challenge the current status quo that our chronic conditions are genetic and emphasize the powerful role food plays in our health and wellness.
What were some of the more surprising discoveries of your work in creating this book?
It was rewarding to see how many physicians’ around the world are embracing a whole food, plant-based diet and forever changing their patient’s lives. Despite the amount of information we had read, there was still so much information we learned from our doctors and nutritionists. It made us even more passionate about spreading the message on how we can prevent and reverse many of our leading diseases.
Have you had any input from the medical community in general?
We have received nothing but rewarding feedback from physicians and leaders within the medical community that have read Rethink Food. The most exciting aspect is that they are changing their lives and their practices with this new information.
How can every day people help change the medical paradigm to embrace a more whole foods plant based diet?
Each one of us has the power to take control of our health. We need to challenge assumptions and we need to speak to our own doctors. Education is key to changing the conversation about healthcare. More than anything, changing the medical paradigm starts with 3 simple actions: breakfast, lunch and dinner. As patients and consumers we can choose to eat a whole food, plant-based diet and the results are persuasive and powerful.
Do you feel like our medical system is moving in the right direction- educating the masses about the importance of our food choices and how our food choices impact our health and contribute or alleviate disease?
I think there is still much to be desired in our medical system educating the masses about the importance of the right food choices. I emphasize the right choices because there is still so much misinformation from the community about the health benefits of eggs, meat, and particularly dairy. The science however remains very clear. One issue we highlight in Rethink Food is still the lack of nutritional education in medical school. Not much has changed in 40 years as students receive limited nutritional education and we continue to focus on treatment rather than prevention. Tulane University Medical School’s new culinary program that teaches the benefits of nutrition makes me remain optimistic. We have a long road ahead but the doctors that speak out in Rethink Food bring me hope.
 Any parting thoughts for our readers?
It’s time we have real answers to our health problems and put health back into healthcare. Changing your diet is no more radical than undergoing a risky procedure or popping pills. Before you sign up for pills, surgeries and procedures, I urge readers to read Rethink Food and hopefully feel empowered by these doctors to take charge of their health. We each hold the power to change our lives by changing our diet. All we need is the courage to rethink food.
Thanks for your time, Amy-Lee! Readers: Leave a comment on why you would like to win a copy of RETHINK FOOD and we will randomly choose two of your comments to win a copy along with  some free Tofurky goodies.

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  1. I recently adopted a vegan lifestyle after seeing one of Gary Yourofsky’s videos. there are so many things that i did not know about a vegan diet. indeed, many of my well-educated friends did not know either. i have been told that i would not get enough nutrition from plant-based foods, that my teeth would fall out, my hair will be thin and brittle…

    i found your hickory smoked deli slices and the Italian sausage at our local trader joe’s, but it wasn’t until i saw “hood river” that made me go to your website. (my parents lived there since 1980, on wasco street, across from morrison park.)

    sorry for the sidenote, but i absolutely love your products! I came to the website to leave a glowing review, because your products make this new life journey of mine delicious and nutritious!! so I just want to say thank you, from the center of my heart, for doing what you do!

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