Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt—for veggie lovin’ kids

The height of summer is the best time of year to visit your local farmer’s market and load your crisper drawers to the brim. And everyone knows that the early vegan gets the…uh…kale. Often by noon, the best produce has already found its forever home.

This month, pick at least one Saturday that, instead of sleeping in, your family rise bright and early to hit your nearest farmer’s market during prime hours. If you need to motivate yourself or your kids, we’ve created a scavenger hunt to help get you out the door. Below you’ll find a template, print this page using the icons at top of the post 🙂
Pro tip: this is way more fun if you use colored pencils!



_________________’s Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt!


  1. Find an “ugly” fruit or vegetable and draw it. Keep an eye out for two-legged carrots, potatoes with eyes, and siamese twin strawberries!


  1. Find a booth offering samples of a fruit or vegetable. Write id down then describe its flavor in three words.


Fruit/Vegetable: __________________________   ______________________________

  1. Taste the rainbow! Find and list two fruits or vegetables for each color.


  Red: ____________________________   ____________________________


  Orange: ____________________________   ____________________________


  Yellow:  ____________________________   ____________________________


  Green:   ____________________________   ____________________________


  Blue:   ____________________________   ____________________________


  1. Find a fruit or veggie you’ve never tried before, and ask the farmer how they like to eat it.


Fruit/Vegetable: ________________________________


Farmer’s suggestion: _____________________________________________________



  1. Pretend you have $10 to make a meal from ingredients at the market. List what you’ll make, the ingredients you’ll buy, and how much each ingredient costs. (Assume that you already have the basics—salt, spices, oil, etc.—in your pantry.)



Your Dish: __________________________________________



Ingredient: _________________________________   $$$: _________________


Ingredient: _________________________________   $$$: _________________


Ingredient: _________________________________   $$$: _________________


Ingredient: _________________________________   $$$: _________________


Ingredient: _________________________________   $$$: _________________


Ingredient: _________________________________   $$$: _________________



  1. How’s it growing? Find a fruit or vegetable for each category.


On a vine: _______________________  Underground: ______________________


In a tree: ________________________ On a bush: _________________________



  1. Eat your alphabet. Find a fruit or vegetable for each of the letters below.


A: ________________________   B: __________________________


C: ________________________ D: __________________________


E: ________________________ F: __________________________


G: ________________________  H: __________________________



And before you hurry home with a basket of goodies, don’t forget to stop and thank a farmer!

Mollie Dickson, MS, focuses on Nutrition Science and Health Writing as the CEO and Education Director of The Heart’s Kitchen. She develops healthy recipes and curriculum for K-12 coursework and maternal education classes at Oregon Health & Science University.

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