Farm Animal Rights Movement

Gentle Thanksgiving, an annual campaign of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), is an opportunity to encourage compassionate alternatives to cruel turkey dinners. By demonstrating the great taste and health benefits of vegan cuisine, we can convince our friends and family to leave turkey off the table this holiday season.



Soyfoods Association of North America

The Soyfoods Association of North America (SANA) is a trusted advocate in providing information about the health benefits and nutritional advantages of soy consumption. We encourage sustainability, integrity and growth of the soyfoods industry through our members, by proactively promoting and upholding the benefits of soy-based foods to consumers, health professionals, researchers, media, government officials, and industry partners. Listen to a briefing on the real facts of soy nutrition.


Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals

Dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals raised for food in Canada through public education, legislation change and consumer choice. Priorities include ending use of sow stalls and battery cages, and more humane animal transportation.


Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday is a national health campaign to help Americans prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer - four of the leading causes of death in America


Vegetarian Women

The goal of our website is to provide an online community, a place where vegetarian women can support and communicate with others who seek to live a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle.


Farm Sanctuary Adopt-A-Turkey

" Since its beginning in 1986, Farm Sanctuary's Adopt-A-Turkey Project has saved thousands of turkeys from slaughter, and has encouraged millions of people to consider a more compassionate Thanksgiving tradition.


The Farm Sanctuary

The Farm Sanctuary, a haven for rescued farm animals in Watkins Glen, NY. This holiday season they invite you to save a turkey by adopting one who lives at the sanctuary. The adoption fee is $15 and includes a color photo of your turkey, and adoption card and membership to the Farm Sanctuary. Call 888.SPONSOR for more information.


United Poultry Concerns

United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the compassionate and respectful treatment of chickens and other domestic fowl. We seek to make the public aware of how these birds are treated, and to promote the benefits of a vegan diet and lifestyle through our quarterly magazine Poultry Press, our Website, and other communication outlets. United Poultry Concerns maintains a sanctuary for rescued chickens, turkeys and ducks at our headquarters on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.


The Soy Daily

In 2000 The Soy Daily site and newsletter were created to inform consumers as well as various members of the soy industry of the latest developments in soy research and products.


Earth Day Resources

From the spirit of Earth Day comes Earthday Resources for Living Green. We are dedicated to infusing the meaning and actions of the first Earth Day into our everyday lives by providing you with the information you need to learn more about environmental problems and solutions, tips to take action in your own life, and tools to join others in convincing companies to make the same kinds of changes we make each day.



HappyCow's Vegetarian Guide

HappyCow's Vegetarian Guide is a worldwide, searchable database of vegetarian restaurants and natural health food stores, also including nutrition & health tips, recipes, living & raw foods, travel, veganism and vegetarian dating.



Vegetarian Image

Original artistic provegetarian emblems on pins, necklaces, key chains, t-shirts, window decals, and bookmarks that let you show your commitment everyday and educate others in a nonconfrontational way.




The Vegetarian Resource Group

The Vegetarian Resource Group answers your questions. The VRG web site includes recipes, holiday dishes, vegan desserts, vegetarian nutrition information, natural flavors and other "hidden ingredient" details, plus much more.



Voice for a Viable Future

Voice for a Viable Future is a nonprofit corporation that educates the public on the health, environmental and ethical benefits of a plant based diet. It's founder, Howard Lyman, is the author of the powerful, eye-opening book, Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth From the Cattle rancher Who Won't Eat Meat.


The China Study

Nutrition and health researcher, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, draws on project findings in rural China and beyond to detail the connection between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes and cancer.



Did you know?

Meatless Monday is a national health campaign to help Americans prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer.

Tofurky Tuesdays encourages meatless eating once a week.