Tofurky® Pizza


Tofurky brought vegetarians back to the Thanksgiving table by providing a high protein, cholesterol free option to people who had been left out of the celebration. Today we continue that mission by offering delicious, nutritious vegan pizzas in three bold flavors: Cheese, Pepperoni and Italian Sausage with Fire Roasted Veggies. You might say our goal is: "No pizza eater left behind!"

Tofurky Cheese Pizza

Stretchy, melty, gooey cheese. For many, it’s the hardest
thing to give up when trying to transition to a vegan diet.
Enter Tofurky ®, the folks who made Thanksgiving safe for turkeys and relaxing for vegetarians. We’ve teamed up with Daiya™, the makers of a new dairy-free cheese, the first 100% vegan cheese to hit the market with an authentic
melt, texture and flavor. We’ve put this delicious cheese alternative on top of a zesty garlic tomato pizza sauce and a thin whole wheat crust.


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Tofurky Pepperoni Pizza

Until now there has never been a vegetarian pepperoni pizza available in your local grocery freezer case. Under extreme pressure, Team Tofurky might whimper but we will reveal nothing about how we achieved the delicious pepperoni taste. Take a bite of history and enjoy the first vegan pepperoni pizza to hit the freezer case!

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Tofurky Italian Sausage Pizza

Can one pizza really bring agreement to the meat versus veggie argument? We say “Yes!”.

First we smothered our thin, whole wheat crust with a layer of zesty garlic pizza sauce and shredded Daiya™ dairy free cheese. Next we piled on chunks of our hearty Italian Sausage with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Basil to give this
pizza a satisfying meaty chew. Finally we added our own blend of fire roasted veggies for a flavorful punch.

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Did you know?

Pizza industry statistics reveal 62% of Americans prefer meat on their pizza while 38% order vegetarian