Tofurky Jurky

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Due to production constraints, Tofurky Jurky is no longer available in the retail marketplace.  But don’t despair – we will continue to sell Tofurky Jurky by the case at reasonable prices via online sales! 

We make this Jurky the old school way--artisanal style with labor intensive methods.  First, our famous Tofurky is sliced thin and steeped for hours in our delicious natural marinade. We then hand place it on screens and roll it into our smokehouse where it is smoked using smoke from real hickory chips. 

We think the extra attention to detail makes the difference, but it's a hard process to scale up. So we're keeping it real and limiting distribution to online sales only. Tofurky Jurky is a tasty irresistible snack, perfect for backpacking, travel, the gym or just about anything.  Shelf life is six months from the born on date--which is stamped on the bag. Convenient and affordable--get your case of Tofurky Jurky today. Thanks for your order.

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Did you know?

Tofurky Jurky is smoked using smoke from real hickory chips.